In five essays the subject of games and play in the 21st century is explored from various angles. The book convincingly explains that the new “rules” for gaming are actually no rules at all. Each case is different and depends on circumstances and resources. Furthermore, we see that many games use a digital environment as a filter over the real world, which blurs the line between reality and dreams. This change is crucial for understanding and examining a form of games and play called “serious games”.

Additionally, time will be spent talking about the newest technological developments in the games and play environment. These technological developments are, naturally, big influencers of the development of this environment. Next to this, there will be discussed how games are intersectional with the mechanics, and issues, of modern day society. There are currently many examples of games in this section. And lastly, the question on how to develop conditions, borders and requirements for games and play will be addressed.

The history and development of games and play is greatly presented through the book’s text as well as illustrations. It will discuss this history convincingly and exploratively and present the reader with a peek into the future.

The book is a collaboration of Ben Schouten and Gabriele Ferri, specialist in the latest developments in urban games, Ed van Hinte, writer and critic, Renate Boere, graphic designer, and Menno Deen, game designer. The book will be released on DATE and available for order at LINK.

New Book Alert: Role of Play