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Will playing games make you a better human?

Many people love games. From boardgames to quizzes and games on tv and radio to computergames, there is a game for everyone. Why can’t humans live without games? In this episode the influence of games on education, social cohesion, health and identity is discussed.

This episode’s guests consisted of:

  • Rami Ismael successful game developer and co-founder of studio Vlambeer, helps game-builders across the world.
  • Ben Schouten Professor of Playful Interaction at TU Eindhoven about applications of games for health, awareness and more.
  • Jedidjah Julia Noomen game developer, director, writer about game experience and storytelling in games.
  • Jeroen Lemmens university lecturer at University of Amsterdam, about game addiction.
  • Zuraida Buter playful culture curator about the history of games and play.

Click here to watch the episode.